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For every tip we receive at checkout, we send an additional Puppet Telegram to a child in need of a smile, through our partnership with "AT Parenting Survival", an organization that provides resources to kids with anxiety and OCD.  

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Says Hoag: "Having struggled with anxiety and OCD when I was a kid, I know first-hand what it's like. It's a tough battle. And judging from the feedback I'm getting so far, the Puppet Telegrams can not only help provide a good laugh to these kids, but also make them feel like they have a puppet advocate that can empathize and sometimes even advise. Below, I've included an example of one I sent to a kid the other day. 

So next time you order a Puppet Telegram, know that you're also helping in these efforts! I'm in the process of exploring other partnerships with assisted living centers (where, especially during Covid, older folks are feeling more isolated and lonely than ever), educational and reading initiatives, and children's hospitals. If any of you have contacts at these types of organizations, please let me know!"

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